Selling your house with kids

Teara Ragan

Selling a house with kids takes talent AND work. How do you get the house in tip top shape while little ones are running around living their best life? Keep reading!

Parents seem to get overwhelmed when they realize how much energy it takes to sell a home and keep it in show ready condition. If you know me then you know when I'm trying to meet a deadline; I can be a mess! For whatever reason, my anxiety and cleaning nerves don't always operate at the same time. It's typically one or the other. 

My kids are older now and are responsible for cleaning up behind themselves. Oh but, I've put in my crazy mom years of playing Tiny Toddler destroys the place just as fast as mommy cleans. As parents we want to do it all and get it all done. Here's some leverage. Follow these easy and inexpensive tips to help you close the deal and still feel like a super parent.


You don't need to hide the fact that you have children. They are not the secret. The secret is the clutter of TOYS! So, save yourself from unwanted anxiety, keep the toys in the kids’ room. Not around the house. When you have a two-hour window to tidy the house before a potential buyer wants to view your home; this can save you a bunch of time. You'll thank me later.


Ever done your spring cleaning and a week later you realize your baseboards still have the same winter dirt on them? Yeah that's how I summarize cleaning when you have little ones. Take a little extra time during their nap and clean areas that require a little more TLC. Like ceilings, walls, cabinets and carpet. A buyer that doesn't have children of their own, won't think little chocolate handprint on the walls are so cute.


When we decorate our kids’ rooms or the playroom, let's face it not many of parents are thinking about selling their home. It's all about the theme. I'm a sucker for a good theme. Chalkboard walls? Count me in. Adolescent border wallpaper? Guilty! Your potential buyers may appreciate how crafty and creative you once were but give them something to dream about. Paint over the chalkboard wall and the boarder paper. Set the tone with neutral colors instead. That way the buyer will have a blank canvas to imagine their own creative ideas in that space.



Why go through all that decluttering, deep cleaning and painting if it's going to be destroyed in a matter of minutes? Get the little ones out of the house. If the weather permits play outdoors a little more. Visit the zoo or minimize playtime to an area inside the house. That way you have less to clean and you’re prepped for more showings.


Lastly, remember this is all temporary. Be patient and think ahead. Less stress is the key to this whole process. Anything that can help you out or keep your anxiety to a minimum is my priority. In no time, you'll be right back on that creative decorating bandwagon and moving on to the next chapter of your life. 

Has anyone ever experienced moving with small children? How was the process for you? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Please add tips. What methods did you use? What worked for you and what didn't work? Things seem to go smoother when you feel like you are approaching a situation with hacks or pointers. Let's hear ‘em!

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